Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MOB Advocacy's Commitment to Community -- Giving Back This Holiday Season

Not sure if it was guilt from many years or Catholic school, or inspiration from one of MOB Advocacy's partner's BillTrack50 giving away one free year of state and federal legislative monitoring service or just sitting around in my Georgetown Law sweatshirt reminiscing about my days raising money for the many pro bono programs and clinics they ran, but I decided that next year MOB Advocacy was going to give back.

So that was how our new pro bono program Commitment to Community was born on Giving Tuesday 2013.  Beginning January 2014, MOB Advocacy will contribute at least 5% of its billable hours to serve one or more non-profit clients.

I know what you are asking, "Isn't pro bono what law firms and lawyers do?"  You are right,  MOB Advocacy is not a law firm. And while I have written laws, I am not a lawyer (who knows, maybe someday). But I modeled my program on the Pro Bono Institute's Pro Bono Challenge anyway.

What are the rules?  Well, it is pretty subjective. The organization does have to be a 501(c)3 maybe a (c)4.  And the organization has to let me know they want to be considered.  Other than that, I am pretty open. We can talk about a long-term or short-term project. It can cover any topic.

You need ideas?

  • If you need help with specific state legislation, or you have an idea for legislation that should be passed everywhere.
  • Your organization is launching a local, state-wide, regional or national grassroots advocacy campaign
  • Your organization, board or volunteers need help with a state or local advocacy day or need advocacy training
  • You want help analyzing and tracking state and local legislation or regulations.
Or if you have no idea what kind of help you need/MOB Advocacy can offer, just let me know and we can see if there is a good fit.

I am very excited, and most importantly we already have applicants.  Watch in January when we announce who will be selected.

Happy Holidays!!

About Michael O'Brien...

Michael O'Brien is the founder and principal of MOB Advocacy. He has more than ten years experience as a state and local lobbyist. Michael has lobbied governors, mayors, legislators, state and local agencies and regulators in more than 40 states.

Before starting MOB Advocacy, Michael was the the national state and local government affairs department for RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment). Prior to RISE, Michael launched Molina Healthcare's political and grassroots advocacy programs, created strong public-private partnerships as director of The Washington Center, and developed a federal, state and grassroots advocacy program for The National Conference for Community and Justice.

About MOB Advocacy...

MOB Advocacy is a full-service, multi-state government relations firm located in Fairfax City, Virginia. Founded in 2012, MOB Advocacy has quickly become a recognized leader in state and local government relations.

MOB Advocacy's clients range from established corporations, tech start-ups, nationally recognized non-profit and advocacy groups. Our clients chose us because MOB Advocacy offers the full range of solutions of a large government relations firm with the personal service of a boutique firm. Mob Advocacy helps its clients to navigate the complex world of state and local legislative and regulatory affairs, procurement bureaucracy and appropriations processes to achieve their organizational goals.